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Getting ready for your interview? Here are our top 10 tips for you to make a lasting impression!

  1. Dress professionally - make sure you're dressed to impress and are in an organized room without any clutter in the background.

  2. Look directly at the webcam - try your best to make eye contact with the camera instead of looking down or around the room.

  3. Speak clearly and at a steady pace - don't get overwhelmed by a tricky question and try your best to express yourself clearly.

  4. Make sure that you're in a well lit and quiet space - avoid sitting in front of a bright window or in a poorly lit room.

  5. Set yourself up in a distraction-free zone - turn your phone off, let others know that you'll be unavailable for the next few minutes and block your notifications!

  6. Be prepared - make sure the battery on your device is charged and that your internet connection is stable.

  7. Set up your camera and microphone - we let you test your camera and microphone beforehand for a smooth technical ride.

  8. Use the right browsers - we suggest opening your interview link on either Google Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

  9. What to do if you're having technical issues - you can always reach out to our support center for assistance. You'll see a red arrow on the bottom of your interview screen where you can live chat with our team. For questions about the hiring process, reach out to your hiring company for help.

  10. Smile! Lastly, don't forget to enjoy yourself and have fun!

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