Setting up a new set of video interview questions, or what we refer to as a Job, is easy.

There are 4 steps to take (not all are mandatory) with question templates to help you along the way. To begin, from either the Overview page or the Jobs page, select the green 'Create New Job' button.

  1. Add in a title for your Job.
    You can also include Skills, Experience and a Job Description from the More Details section, noting that these will be visible to the candidates.

  2. Next, we'll set up the questions for your Job.
    Use Templates: If you would like to use one of our templates, or if you have created your own, a template can be selected from this list to pre-populate the questions.

    Enable Practice Questions: allow candidates to test their device and run through a non-recorded practice question session. See this article for more detail.

    Set up each Question: enter the question, then further details in the separate field if needed. Set the number of Retakes and the Time Limit. Use the red X to the top right of a question to delete it, and the 'Add Question' button beneath the current set of questions to add more. The maximum amount of questions you can add is 10.

    Open or Hidden: decide whether a candidate should have unlimited time (Open) or just 30 seconds (Hidden) of prep time before each question begins.
    If you wish to rearrange the questions, click and drag the 6 dot icon on the left-hand side.

  1. Add an intro video.
    An intro video is a good way to give the candidate more information on your company and allow for a more personalized experience. Intro videos that aim to reassure candidates can significantly increase the completion rate.
    If the video is hosted online, obtain the video Share Link from the site rather than the URL where possible.

  2. Invite some candidates.
    Invite one or more candidates to complete the video interview by emailing them from myInterview, optionally also sending them an SMS. You can add them in individually from the Email section, or bulk upload a list of candidates from the Upload CSV section. 

To learn more about setting deadlines check out this article.

Alternatively, copy the link from the Direct Link section to include it in your own custom email set up in your ATS or sent from your own inbox.

Please see this article for further details, or if you're using Greenhouse, refer to this one instead.

That's all there is to it! If you'd like to go back and make some changes to your Jobs, they are editable too.

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