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Configuring Your JobAdder Account
Configuring Your JobAdder Account

How to get started with JobAdder integration

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Step 1 is admin-only, while each user must take steps 2 and 3 to connect their myInterview account up with JobAdder. You'll need your myInterview login details to begin. If you signed up for a trial account your details will remain the same, and if you're part of a team, you should have received an invitation email to join the company account.

1. For the Account Admin to complete first (required once)

Sign into your myInterview account then click into the Integrations section. Select the green Add Integration button, choose JobAdder from the list, then continue through the steps.

If you have other team members using the account as well, while signed into the myInterview platform, use the 'Collaborate' button in the menu to invite them to join your account.

2. Ensure everyone is on the correct myInterview account
One JobAdder account cannot be linked to multiple myInterview accounts, so please wait for your admin to invite you - do not sign up for a new myInterview account. When signed into the myInterview dashboard correctly, you will see the other users listed in the menu, just under the Collaborate button. Pop a message into the Chat tool to the bottom right hand corner if you have any doubts.

3. Show myInterview info in JobAdder
Next, we need to configure JobAdder to show a candidate's myInterview status. You can do this by contacting JobAdder support or following the video and videos below.

Showing myInterview information on the Job Information page:

You are going to click the arrow next a category and select "Show"> "myInterview Status" as shown below. This will show you the current status of the candidate interview.

Showing myInterview information on the Job Applicant Information page:

To show the same information but in the Job Applicant information page you are going to select a candidate that you would like to see the myInterview status of and follow the same directions. This is shown below.

You're all ready to start Sending out Invitations!

If you have any more questions feel free to chat with us!

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