Notifications are triggered via email and can be tailored for each account user, and on a per-Job basis.

Which notifications are available?

You can customise if you'd like to receive notifications for:

 - New Job created
Each time a user on the account creates a new Job
 - Job archived
Each time a user on the account archives an existing Job
 - Job expired
Each time the deadline is reached for an existing Job
 - Video interview completed by a candidate
Each time a candidate has submitted their video interview
 - Job edited
Each time a user on the account edits a Job
 - Video interview reviewed
Each time a user on the account reviews a video Interview submitted by a candidate

By default when you create a New Job, you will be automatically subscribed to notifications for that Job. You can also follow any Job created by another user on the account by viewing that Job in the Jobs section, then selecting the Follow button.

Subscribe to be notified for a role

How do I change my notifications?

To change your overall notification settings, click into the Settings section in your account, toggle to notifications and customise the following:

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the Chat tool available to the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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