Our team understands the online interviewing process can be overwhelming at first. Whether you want to see how your candidate performs under pressure or you want to make sure they are as confident as possible practice questions should be considered. In this article I will run you try to provide a basic understanding of practice questions.

Practice Questions- when to enable

When a candidate opens up the myInterview platform for the first time they may be a little nervous. This might be the first time they are experiencing video interviewing and want to make a great first impression for your team. You have the option to let them answer a few practice questions that will not count towards the interview before the interview you made starts.

Below is the screen that they will see at the start of their interview:

When a candidate clicks “Let Me Practice First” they will be directed to a few basic interviewing questions. These questions will not be seen by you as they are just to give them a warm up.

Practice Questions- how to enable

Practice questions can either be enabled while creating new interviews or editing previously made ones. Just another customizable aspect of myInterview to ensure you send your interviews out with complete confidence.

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