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Configuring myInterview and Workable
Configuring myInterview and Workable

How to setup myInterview and Workable

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After connecting your Workable account you are ready to create new jobs! Our partnership with Workable is just another way our team has made online interviews easier. In this article are some guidelines to get you started.

Workable integration- templates

Those templates that you have worked so hard to make are transferred over to your Workable account automatically. So whether you use our templates or have created your own we got you covered. To create more just access the templates from your myInterview dashboard. 

For more information on templates for Workable check out this article:

Workable integration- sending interviews

Its time to send out those interviews! When a candidate reaches a stage with a video interview, a new icon will appear in the toolbar across the top of the candidate’s profile:

Note: Video interviews must initially be added to stages when creating or editing a job. (as Above)

Click the play button and you'll be able to choose the video interview that will be sent to the candidate.

Once you click Send Video Interview a note will be added to the candidate timeline. The test will be sent automatically.

If you have any more questions feel free to chat with us!

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