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Checking A Candidate's Interview Status
Checking A Candidate's Interview Status

How to track your candidate's interview progress

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After creating and sending an interview, myInterview allows you to track the progress of your candidates through their invite status. 

⭐ This analysis is only available for candidates invited via the Email Invite option and not for Direct Links sent to candidates.

To check a candidate's invite status:

  1. Go to "Jobs" Tab

  2. Click on the job that you would like to check e.g Sales Manager

  3. Click on the "Invite" tab

  4. Click "Invite Status"

    Here you will find the invite status of candidates next to the names and emails of all candidates you have sent interviews to.

⭐ By selecting Details you can view your candidate's name, email and their unique link. If a candidate lost their interview link (deleted the email or cannot locate it), you can simply copy the link here and send it to them!

Status Meaning

Pending: The candidate has received the invitation but has yet to open it.

Clicked: The candidate has clicked the link sent to them and has started the interview

Completed: The candidate has completed your interview and is waiting to hear from you!

If you have any more questions feel free to chat with us!

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