After creating an interview, you may want to change or add a deadline for potential interviewees to interview by.

Deadlines on Email Invitations

Deadlines can found by going to >Jobs >Job you wish to edit e.g. worker >Invitations and "Deadline" will be located at the bottom of the screen.

After clicking in the "Pick a day" box you will be able to select the deadline from a calendar of dates like the one shown below. You will also be able to choose which time and time zone you would like it to be in.

Note: You cannot add deadlines due for the day you are editing

Under the "Deadline" option you will find the "Candidate Reminders" button. You can use this to establish automated reminders for interviewees to receive at certain time intervals before deadlines. To learn how to use this effectively check out our article on sending out reminders.

Changing Deadlines on Email Invitations
You can change candidate deadlines by going into >Jobs >Job you wish to edit e.g. worker >Invitations > Invitation Status and then select the candidates who's deadlines you want to change. 

Note: When selecting multiple candidates you will receive a warning that editing a group of invitations will override them to all be in the same time zone. If you wish to keep candidates deadlines in different time zones you will have to change each time zones deadline separately.

Changing Deadlines on Direct Links

You can change direct link deadlines by going into >Jobs >Job you wish to edit e.g. worker >Invitations > Invite Candidates > Direct Link.

Click on "Deadline" to change the deadline of the link.
Please note, the expiration of this link is changed for all candidates that received the link and cannot be customised for each individual candidate, (as apposed to email invitations which can be set to expire at different times depending on the candidate).

The interviewees invited to complete their interview by a Deadline must have it fully submitted before the Deadline is reached. After the Deadline is passed, they will not be able to begin (or continue) their interview - they are out of time! If you'd like to give them a second chance, you can re-invite them to complete the interview with a new Deadline through the myInterview platform.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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