Adding a User to your account

How to add a user and collaborate

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Add another User to your account in 3 easy steps!

  1. Click on ‘Invite User’ on the bottom left corner of the dashboard window.

  2. Enter the name and email address of your team mate.
    You can click on "add collaborators" to add more than one user at a time.

  3. Select the appropriate permission levels from:
    i) Review Only (Users can view, comment and rate)
    ii) Edit & Review (Users can edit jobs, invite candidates)
    iii) Admin (Full admin access)

*Note: All users added at once will have the same permission settings. For different permission settings, add each user individually.

Please note: if you get a message that "this user already exists" it means that they have created their own myInterview account in the past and you therefore cannot invite them to yours. In this case, please contact us here or via and we will be able to assist in transferring this user to your account!

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