With the myInterview platform keeping track of candidates is simple! We use a 5-star rating system that can be seen throughout your team to ensure complete control of the interview process.

Rating Candidates

To leave a rating for your candidates, click on the stars you think they deserve (the red box below). You can also leave a comment for your whole team to see in the text box below.
Ratings and comments are only seen by you and your team. Candidates will not be able to view these!

⭐ You can also customize your columns! See your account manager for more details

Shortlisting and Finalizing Candidates

We recommend you keep candidates organized in the columns of each Job. To move a candidate to their respective "stage" just drag their white card and move them to the right column.

Sorting Candidates

When you are in standard view, click on the Sort By button to sort candidates by name or completed date.

When you are in intelligence view, click on the Sort By button to sort candidates by name, completed date, or ranking. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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