After creating a job in JobAdder you will want to start sending candidates to myInterview. If under myInterview status it says "awaiting questions" you will need to add questions through the myInterview program. Read below to find out how!

Before you start adding questions and making interviews, click this link to learn how to get started with our JobAdder integration.

Adding Questions

To add questions you will find the job that requires questions in your myInterview dashboard under the "Missing Questions" category. 

Note: You will also receive an email that asks you to add questions that will produce the same results.

Just click the job that you need to add questions for and you will be brought to the page for editing interviews. Here you can choose from different templates, create your own, or manually add each question to your interview. You will also have access to reminders, deadlines, and much more to ensure you get everything you need out of your myInterview experience.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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