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Adding Questions through JobAdder
Adding Questions through JobAdder

Adding questions to interviews made for previously made jobs

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After creating a job in JobAdder you will want to start sending candidates to myInterview. If under myInterview status it says "awaiting questions" you will need to add questions through myInterview.

Before you start adding questions and making interviews, click this link to learn how to get started with our JobAdder integration.

โ€‹Adding Questions

To add questions, you just need to click on the ''awaiting questions'' link

Then you will be able to add the questions without leaving JobAdder

Once the questions have been added, the invite(s) will be sent. You will only have to do this for the first candidate(s) you invite to do a myInterview for each Job.

Check out this quick tutorial video

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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