Recruitment agencies or anyone looking to frequently share multiple candidates will get the most value out of this add-on.

With our Premium Candidate Sharing, you can select multiple candidates that have applied to one Job and upload attachments against them, then make them accessible on one page for a Hiring Manager or other party to review and provide feedback.

You can share sets of candidates as many times as you'd like. We track each time a set of candidates has been shared so you can view your share history, and if you'd no longer like the candidates to be available, you can easily expire the shared page to disable access to the candidates.

The Hiring Manager or other party can choose to provide their feedback via comments and a thumbs up/thumbs down response. All of the feedback they provide will be visible to you from the myInterview dashboard.

The sharing is quick, secure and GDPR compliant. The pages can be custom branded with company colours, logo and slogan.

For further information, reach out to your Success Manager, pop a message into the Chat Tool in the bottom corner of this page or book a demo with us.

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