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Inviting Candidates through Greenhouse
Inviting Candidates through Greenhouse

How trigger an email to invite a candidate to complete a myInterview.

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This is the exciting part - inviting candidates to complete the video interviews you've set up on your myInterview account! Please just ensure your company's Greenhouse account is connected to myInterview, and you've created some Jobs in your myInterview account.

Firstly, enable the myInterview stage of the Interview Plan for your Greenhouse Job. You can add this in while setting up the Greenhouse Job by selecting it as an additional Interview Plan stage, or edit it in later by:

Clicking into the Job
Clicking into the Job Setup section
Selecting Interview Plan, then the 'Add a Stage' button
In this list you should find a myInterview stage. Add this in, then adjust the positioning as required, and you're all done!

Now, click into any candidate that you'd like to invite. You should see a separate myInterview section listed against them. Click on the arrow to expand the section, then click on Send Test.

Select the name of the myInterview question set you'd like to send to them, found in the Test selection list. They will reflect the name of the question set that was created directly on the myInterview platform. Once you are happy with all selections, click Send Test. Repeat this for each candidate you'd like to invite.

NOTE: if you don't see the name of your question set, it can take up to an hour for it to be pulled through into the Greenhouse system. Please allow some time - if it still doesn't appear, reach out to us for help.

Now, we wait! You should start to see completed videos coming in soon from your candidates, and you'll receive an email notification each time one is submitted. You'll also see that their myInterview status changes away from being Sent.

If you have any questions, pop us a message into the Chat tool available to the bottom right hand side of the screen, and we'll come back to you as soon as we can!

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