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Best Practices on myInterview

Some tips to consider while creating video interviews

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There is a lot to consider when designing your first interview. In this document we’ve prepared a short Best Practices Guide to help you make the most of video interviewing.

Designing the best questions for video

We recommend to keep to 3 or 4 questions to test key interests, with videos totalling no longer than 5 minutes. Our highest engagement rate occurs around this amount.

We recommend these types of questions to base your Interview from:

  • Question about experience (What are your skills, how do you like to work?)

  • Question about motivation (What is your motivation or what brings you out in the morning?)

  • Roleplay questions have been shown to have high engagement (If this was the situation, what would you do?)

  • 1 or 2 questions specific to the job itself.

Framing your video 

Frame your video process as video introduction to get to know your candidates rather than an Interview to increase engagement

Record a short introduction video to increase engagement and contextualise the process a little more, use this as an opportunity to market your company. Videos with a clear face talking to the candidate directly has been shown to be the most effective.

Inviting Candidates

Make liberal use of reminders and send SMS messages to the candidate's phone. 3 or even 4 reminders have a positive effect on the response rate.

Clearly state the deadline date in your messaging and strategically time your follow ups at a consistent and regular cadence.

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