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PageUp and myInterview - Step by Step Guide
PageUp and myInterview - Step by Step Guide

How to guide on setting up and using PageUp and myInterview

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Enabling the Integration

  1. In order to enable the integration within your myInterview account, please have an admin contact your customer success manager to enable it.

  2. Once enabled, an admin can click on their initials in the far upper right corner and click on "Integrations".

  3. Select the green Add Integration button, choose PageUp from the list

  4. Submit your pageUp clientId, client secret, DC value and instanceId (Please ask your PageUp Customer Success Manager for this information). Once inputted, please select ‘save’ [You can ignore the ‘sync’ until you are ready with your templates]

Workflow - Overview

Step 1 - Setup your myInterview question templates within myInterview and Sync them to PageUp (see below)

Step 2 - Setup your branding within myInterview (Settings>Branding)

Step 3 - Invite Candidates to complete a video interview from within PageUp by selecting the myInterview template from the PageUp Assessment Battery

  • A Job will be created within myInterview

  • All candidate invitation emails will be sent through PageUp

Step 4 - Review the Candidate Video from within PageUp and grade the candidate (shortlisted or rejected)

Syncing your myInterview Templates to PageUp

  1. Create your myInterview Question templates within your myInterview Platform (check this Article out on creating Templates). Tip: Include an intro video and/or Video questions for a great Candidate experience

  2. To then Sync the templates to your PageUp Account, click on your initials in the far upper right corner and click on "Integrations"

  3. You will then have the option to Sync your templates (note: the last Sync date will also be displayed on this page)

  4. The myInterview Templates will then be available within the Assessment Battery in PageUp

Note/Tip: To avoid having a high volume of Templates within the Assessment Battery in PageUp, create a set of core templates for recruiters to reuse. Templates can also be edited within the myInterview Platform

Removing Assessment/Battery from Within PageUp

1. Go to the 'Assessment Centre' from the Main Hamburger Menu

2. Click 'Manage Batteries'

3. Find the Package and click 'Archive'

Inviting Candidates

  1. Move the Candidate to the status which is configured for video interviewing within PageUp and select the Assessment to send to the candidate (previously synced from myInterview)

  2. All candidate invite emails will be sent through PageUp. This will allow you to manage communication from one platform. You will need to configure the email being sent when inviting candidates and any reminder emails

  3. A job will automatically be created in myInterview with the questions from the selected template

Deadlines - The deadline for all interviews sent via the PageUp integration will default to 7 days. If this needs to be changed it can be changed from within the myInterview Platform Job>Invite>Invite Status>Extend Deadline. You will also be able to cancel invites and send manual reminders from within the myInterview platform however we recommend keeping all communication from one platform (PageUp where possible).

Reviewing Candidate Videos within PageUp

  1. Once the candidate has completed their video interview, the review status will be updated to Ready for Review within PageUp

  2. You can then view the candidate video and grade the candidate by selecting Shortlist or Reject (this will also move the candidate to either the Shortlisted/Rejected Kanban within myInterview). Note: You can also share the candidate from this page by using the copy link button

  3. Once graded the candidate status will be updated to completed and under the Assessment Summary you will be able to see the candidate score (Pass Yes/No). There will also be a link to re-review the video.

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