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Lever and myInterview - Step by Step Guide
Lever and myInterview - Step by Step Guide

How to guide on setting up and using Lever and myInterview

Written by Benjy Gillman
Updated over a week ago

Workflow Overview

Step 1 - Integrate myInterview and Lever and choose the stage that will trigger the myInterview invitation.

Step 2 - Setup your question templates within myInterview and export to access the Template IDs

Step 3 - Setup your branding within myInterview

Step 4 - Add the Template ID as a tag within your Lever Job, move candidate(s) to the ‘previously configured’ stage

  • A Job will be created within myInterview

  • All candidate invitation emails will be sent through myInterview

Step 5 -Review the Candidate Video within Lever

Enabling the Integration

Note: Access role must be Super Admin in order to set up the integration
Additionally, prior to authenticating, to edit your workflow and create a stage ‘myInterview’, please raise a support request with Lever.

1. In the myInterview platform, navigate to your username at the top right and select Integrations from the drop-down.

2. Click ‘Add Integration’ on the Lever tile.

3. On the setup screen explaining how the integration with Lever works, click ‘Sign in with Lever’ which will open a new sign-in window.

4. Once authenticated, the modal will guide you to connect myInterview with a trigger stage in Lever. (This is what will trigger the video interview, we recommend asking Lever to create a stage name called ‘myInterview’ or ‘Video Interview’

Configuring Integration on Lever Dashboard

Allow webhooks

This integration uses Webhook to synchronize the candidates and to trigger the Video Interview, however by default the necessary webhooks are not enabled. To enable them, open up settings in Lever and select ‘Integrations and API’.

From the sidebar select “Integrations and API”

Then select “WEBHOOKS”

From the list of Webhooks, enable “CANDIDATE STAGE CHANGE” and “CANDIDATE ARCHIVE STATE CHANGE” as shown in the picture. The webhooks will be pre-filled with the relevant information.

How to use the integration

Once the integration is set up, there are two important factors to consider in the integration. In myInterview, you can create a question template, download the list of templates and attach the ID to a job in Lever. When the first candidate is sent across, it will automatically create the job in myInterview, set up the interview with the question templates and send an invitation to the candidate.

Setting up a myInterview template

In order to send the appropriate interview to your candidate, the question templates need to be set and linked to your Lever job posting. You can set up as many question templates as you require.

Managing templates

Open the myInterview console and select “Templates” from the side-bar.

Use the dropdown to edit your templates or create a new template.

Getting Template_id

Once you have set up a question template, you can download the templates file which will contain both the id and name.

If you have special characters in your template name (or have more than one template with the same name) you can use the template_id.

Adding myInterview to your job posting (linking a template)

In order to link a template to a lever posting add a tag named: “myInterview: <TEMPLATE NAME>” to your posting

Please note:

  1. You can only add one tag on each posting.

  2. The “<TEMPLATE NAME>” must be identical to the name in your myInterview dashboard exactly (case and space-sensitive).

  3. Alternatively you can use the template_id as shown in the screenshot below.

Each posting must have a tag or it will be ignored.

Customising Messaging to Candidates

Within myInterview you can set up the following messaging across the invitation journey for candidates:

  • Invite Email (Email the candidate receives inviting them to their video interview)

  • Invite SMS (SMS Message the candidate receives inviting them to their video interview)

  • Reminder Email (If automated reminders are enabled, the email sent to gently nudge candidates)

  • Thank You Email. (Confirmation email the candidate receives after completing their video interview)

Within each template, you can customize the message that candidate’s will receive across the job for your account. Please ensure to ‘Set this template as default’

Managing Candidate’s Video Interviews in Lever

When a candidate is invited to a video interview within their respective stage, a candidate tag will be added e.g MyInterview: Invite Sent.

When the candidate completes their interview this will change to myInterview: Interview Completed.

The use of these tags are standardized and will allow you to filter jobs based on tags and easily identify which candidate’s have or have not completed their video interview.

Viewing a video from Lever

To view the candidate’s video interview, simply click on the link in the candidate overview page and you can view their interview directly from Lever. Alternatively, you can also log in to the myInterview Dashboard for additional functionality.

Oh-no troubleshooting

In most cases if there is an issue inviting the candidate, a note will be attached to the candidate on the Lever console. Once all the issues have been resolved, the invite can be resent by moving the candidate to a different stage and moving them back to the trigger stage.

Here are some common issues:

Missing email: A candidate must have at least one email address on file

SMS Invite not received: This typically occurs because the phone number wasn't internationally formatted.

Template not found: This occurs when the template specified (on the posting with the “myInterview: <Template name>“) was not found in the myInterview system. This is most likely due to a misspelling (or casing) of the name. However, if your template name has special characters in it you can also refer to it by it’s template_id.

If the note specifies any other error please contact us at

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