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myInterview & JazzHR - Step by Step Guide
myInterview & JazzHR - Step by Step Guide

How to guide on setting up and using JazzHR and myInterview

Written by Benjy Gillman
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How do I use myInterview with JazzHR?

myInterview is a video screening tool that enables you to streamline hiring and reveal the personality behind the paper. The integration with JazzHR allows you to invite candidates to a video interview and review each candidate’s response from within JazzHR.

Workflow Overview

  1. Integrate myInterview and JazzHR

  2. Create a Job(s) within myInterview

  3. Set branding and communication templates within myInterview (Invitation Email, Reminder Email & Thank you email)

  4. Invite Candidates to complete the myInterview from assessments within JazzHR by selecting the previously created job

  5. Or create a workflow where the assessment is sent when a candidate is moved to a particular stage in JazzHR

  6. myInterview will send the invite

  7. View Candidate Videos from within JazzHR

Enabling the Integration:

Note: Access role must be Super Admin in order to set up the integration

Please reach out to JazzHR support to activate the myInterview connector for the integration at:

Step 1: Contact JazzHR [As outlined above]

Step 2: Connecting the Integration

1. In the myInterview platform, navigate to your username at the top right and select Integrations from the drop-down.

2. Click ‘Add Integration’ on the JazzHR tile.

3. Copy the Key listed below.

4. Log in to JazzHR.

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > myInterview

  2. Click Connect and enter your API key in the modal that appears. Then, click Save Credentials.

Setup your job in myInterview.

In order to send candidate’s a link to complete their myInterview, please set up the job in myInterview first by navigating to Jobs, Create New Job.

Setup your email in JazzHR

Select Settings > Emails >New Email

Template Name: myInterview Invite

Subject: Next Steps at [company_name]


Hi, [applicant_first_name],

Nice meeting you, my name is [my_full_name]

Thanks for your application to join us at [company_name]

[job_title] is an important role for us and we're excited you're interested in joining our team.

We really liked your application and would like to invite you to move forward in the process and complete this video introduction so that we can get to know you a little better.

You'll shortly receive an email from our partners myInterview. If you have any technical questions you can contact them at Otherwise you can reply and get in touch with us.

Good Luck!


Inviting Candidates to myInterview from JazzHR

There are two methods to invite candidate’s to a myInterview in JazzHR. The first method is enabling a workflow to automatically invite once an applicant is progressed to a stage. The second doesn’t require a workflow and is on-demand.

Workflow Setup:

  1. Navigate to a Job in JazzHR that you would like to use myInterview with

  2. Select Edit Job

  3. Select Workflow

  4. Select 1. Screen and click ‘Add’ Assessment

  5. Select myInterview as the email

  6. On the right hand side, select the Job to connect it to in myInterview under ‘Assessment to send’

  7. Select Add Assessment

  8. Once you move a candidate to the stage ‘Screen’ they will automatically be sent an invitation for the video interview as per below, please keep the box ticked

  9. Within the candidate profile, you can track the status under Assessment > myInterview> JobName: Sent

On-Demand Invitation

  1. Navigate to the candidate profile you would like to invite.

  2. Select Assessment

  3. Select Send myInterview

  4. Select the relevant job from myInterview you’d like to invite the candidate to.

  5. Select Send myInterview

  6. An invite will be sent to the candidate.

Customizing Messaging to Candidates

Within myInterview you can set up the following messaging across the invitation journey for candidates:

  • Invite Email (Email the candidate receives inviting them to their video interview)

  • Invite SMS (This is not supported in JazzHR currently)

  • Reminder Email (If automated reminders are enabled, the email sent to gently nudge candidates)

  • Thank You Email (Confirmation email the candidate receives after completing their video interview)

Within each template, you can customize the message that candidate’s will receive across the job for your account. Please ensure to ‘Set this template as default’

Viewing a video from JazzHR

To view a candidates video interview from JazzHR, you will be notified automatically once a candidate completes their myInterview. You can also track the status on Candidates dashboard within JazzHR.

To view a candidate, select the candidate > Assessments > myInterview > JobName > View Details. You will be taken to a new window to watch the candidate’s myInterview.

Please contact the myInterview support desk for assistance.

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