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'Thank you' message
'Thank you' message

Learn how to send a 'Thank you' message to your candidates

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As a final step in the job creation process, you can now write a ‘Thank you’ message to your candidates in order to enhance their interview experience. You can take the opportunity to explain the next steps in the hiring process or simply thank them for their time. In addition, you can record, link or upload an accompanying thank you video.

Kindly note the following interactions when updating your "Thank You Message":

1. When changing the "Thank You Message" from within the "Branding" section at the drop-down menu, the changes will apply to all future jobs that you create, and it won't change the already Active/Created jobs.

2. To change the "Thank You Message" for the already Active jobs, you need to change it via the "Branding" tab through the "Edit" option for each Job separately.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions via the Live Chat support or at 💪

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