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Downloading videos

Learn how you can export candidates to CSV file and download individual videos

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Do you have a high volume of candidates that you need to sort? No worries! We've got your back πŸ’ͺ

You can now download your candidates' videos to a CSV file and keep them safe on your computer or cloud storage. Simply click on 'Export candidates to CSV file' button in the Candidates section on your dashboard and you can save your candidates' info in no time.

Apart from exporting candidates to CSV file, you can also download individual videos and keep them stored on your computer.

Simply open the candidate's video, right click > save video as and you can save the video on your computer or any other preferred device.

Exporting the candidates to CSV file and downloading individual videos are only available on our Performance plan and up.

Should you like access to these awesome features, please chat to sales or Customer Success Team and we'd be more than happy to help 😊

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