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Using candidate actions to manage candidates
Using candidate actions to manage candidates

Learn how to use Candidate Actions on the upgraded Kanban board to manage Hired & Rejected Candidates

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We have revamped your Kanban Board! Now you can make use of Candidate Actions to manage your candidate's individually or at-scale πŸ‘

With Candidate Actions you can:

  • Utilise myInterview across your hiring journey

  • Manage more than one candidate at a time

  • Track how you and your team progress with candidates

You can choose whether you like the Rejected column to be visible by simply clicking on the 'Show Rejected' button or 'Hide Rejected.'

Once you drag and drop your candidates into Rejected, you can select your rejection reason which will appear internally on the candidate's card.

When moving candidates into the hired or rejected columns, you can send them automated and fully customized emails about their next steps.

Streamline the email sending process in your templates tab by customizing 'hired' and 'rejected' email templates, available on our team plan and above.

With the new 'Bulk Actions' button you can now select as many candidates as you'd like for bulk action like Share, Reject, Move to or Bulk Delete the selected candidates.

Lastly, a search bar filter has been added to the Kanban on the top right to make the candidate filtration process even more streamlined!

Any questions about optimising your smart columns? Feel free to reach out to us with via the Live Chat support or at πŸ’ͺ

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