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Inviting candidates through Pinpoint and reviewing videos
Inviting candidates through Pinpoint and reviewing videos
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You have successfully integrated myInterview and Pinpoint ATS following our instructions in the previous article, you have created a job in Pinpoint with myInterview as part of the workflow and now you’re ready to invite the candidates. 🤩

Here’s how you can do that, all from within Pinpoint, no need to log into your myInterview dashboard.⚡

  1. To invite a candidate, progress them to the stage ‘Video Interview’, then navigate to Interviews, Video Interview and Invites.

2. Choose the candidates under ‘Uninvited’ you would like to invite and click proceed to invite. (An email will be sent at this stage).

3. To review a candidate's submission, select the candidate within the job and navigate to Videos tab, their interview will be directly embedded for you to review.

If you have any issues, send us a message with the Chat Tool available to the bottom right hand side of the screen and one of our Support team members will be happy to help out.

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