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Creating a Job Within the myInterview Candidate Engagement Platform – CEP
Creating a Job Within the myInterview Candidate Engagement Platform – CEP
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  1. Situated on the left of your Dashboard, you will find the +Create New Job button and you will need to click on it to initiate creating the new Job.

2. In the first step make sure to add the name of the Job position and we also recommend adding a vertically recorded Welcome video with a 9:16 ratio. ✅

This step can help you attract the best possible candidates by exciting them with your Employer Brand.

You will be able to see the initial page in the preview section on the right. 👇

3. In the Job Summary section, please enter your full name and your job position in your company as shown below. You can also add up to 4 benefits to underline the position and in addition, write the highlights of the job position in this section 😊

After you fill in these fields, the preview of the interview will look something like in the screenshot below👇

4. In the next section of the first step named Branding, you can add your company’s logo and choose the primary and the secondary color of your brand’s palette as shown below. Please make note of the maximum size (1MB) of your logo and the ideal ratio (1:1).

5. The 3rd stage is where you will be able to edit the modules of candidate engagement you want to use during your recruitment process.

  • There are 17 modules in total, including the obligatory modules

  • You can add a total of 20 modules for a single job

  • The 3 mandatory/obligatory modules are the Form module (for the candidate’s name, phone number, and email address), and the 2 “Ending” modules that come up automatically as a “Thank You” message if the candidate has completed the interview successfully, or the “Reject” module if the candidate’s answers are not compatible with the correct answers.

  • To proceed with adding a module, you can simply do it by clicking on the “+ Add a module” button as shown below👇

6. A dialog box will open up asking you to choose the module you want to add to your interview:

For demo purposes, we will proceed by adding the most commonly used one: a video interview module.

  • After choosing the designated module, you can start customizing it. We helped you by setting some presets as interview templates you can use as inspiration. Or you can start adding your own questions if none of our templates are suitable for the job position you are currently hiring for:

7. When setting up your questions specifically with the Video Interview module, you can enter the question title, description of the question, and type of question (video response, multiple choice question, written response, etc.), You can set the thinking time for the candidate, the answer time and the number of retakes for that question.

8. After you’ve saved the questions, you can proceed to the next and final stage of setting up your job position, to preview the candidate engagement process and to invite the candidates to engage:

And voila! You’ve created a new job position!

Now you can proceed to invite your candidates using the cutting-edge methods shown below, which include inviting them through email, via a direct link, and even posting the job on employment marketplaces such as ZipRecruiter if you’re on our higher plans!

Got any questions for us? Don’t be hesitant and reach out if you do so we can immediately answer all of them!

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