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Utilizing Modules Through the New CEP Job Creation Flow
Utilizing Modules Through the New CEP Job Creation Flow
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After completing the 1st step of creating a Job through our new Candidate Engagement Platform, or CEP for short, you will be prompted to the most crucial step - which is adding modules!

1. To add a module, you can simply click on the two “+ Add a module” buttons situated on the top left corner of your screen, and on the bottom right as shown in the screenshot below.

2. After clicking on one of those buttons, you will be directed to a pop-up page with a total of 14 different modules to choose from, two of which (The video Interview module, and the Scheduler module) are advanced ones!

You can add a total of 20 modules for a single job. Additionally, when you select the advanced Video Interview module, you can use one of our ready-made templates or your very own template that you’ve created prior and save yourself some valuable time!

If you don’t want a module to be present, or if you want the exact module of your preference to be shown twice, you can always delete or duplicate the module by simply clicking on the 3 horizontal dots next to the module. Kindly note that the advanced modules (Video Interview and Scheduler) can only be deleted and not duplicated.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, please follow the below video where we showcase each and every module on our platform!

After getting familiar with all of our unique modules, this next video will illustrate how every module will look like for the candidates which you will be able to see on your right as a preview option

Subsequent to previewing your set modules for that job, it’s time to Publish your job and invite some candidates for engagement! If you have any further questions or have any feedback regarding the new CEP Job Creation flow, we would love to hear from you!

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