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Setting up myInterview and Greenhouse
Setting up myInterview and Greenhouse

Learn how to connect Greenhouse to myInterview

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Each account admin must connect a myInterview account up with a Greenhouse account. You'll need your myInterview login details - if you're unsure what these are, they will either remain the same as your Trial account login details, or we'll provide you with new ones.

  1. To begin, click into the Integrations section, then onto the green Add Integration button.

2. Select Greenhouse from the list available to you, then Continue. You'll be provided with a couple of steps to set up API access for myInterview, then obtain the API Key and Created By Email from your Greenhouse account. Enter these into the provided fields, then continue.

Note: Only users who have been granted the Developer permission can manage all organization's API credentials and can generate an API key.

3. You'll then be provided with an Assessment API Key, please copy it.
โ€‹Follow this link to create a ticket with Greenhouse, advising them you would like to link up your account with myInterview. They will then request this Assessment API Key to be given to them securely (they'll show you how to send it via SendSafely). Please provide it to them when requested. If you lose your Assessment API Key, you can retrieve it by clicking back into Integrations then onto the Greenhouse icon.

4. Once you hear back from the Greenhouse support team that the integration is enabled. Next, users (or just the admin) can sign into their myInterview account and set up any Jobs that will be needed. New Jobs can be added in at any time, and they will all automatically sync into Greenhouse after a short time.

Already have your Jobs all set up on our platform? No need to sign back into myInterview again - everything can be managed through Greenhouse now! Start by:ย 

If you have any issues, send us a message with the Chat Tool available to the bottom right hand side of the screen and one of our Support team members will be happy to help out.

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