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FAQs that come up while creating new Jobs

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If this is your first time creating a Job, check out this guide for the step-by-step process. Check below for additional details around the creation process, or if you encounter any issues while creating your Jobs.

  1. What are the additional Job details for? (Skills, Experience, Job Description)
    These will be visible to the interviewee on the first page they see when they begin their video interview.

    Only the Title is mandatory on this first page so feel free to leave the other fields blank if you'd prefer.

    In the future, we may add extra Job filtering options onto the platform based on the provided content.

  2. What kinds of questions should I ask?
    We have pre-made Templates available for selection, tailored to a number of role types. Click into the Use Templates dropdown to see them. Once selected, they will fill out your questions form with suggested content, which you can then update to suit your Job.

    If you're still a little stuck, we have more tips here.

  3. Can I set up my own Templates?
    You certainly can! If you access the Templates tab from your account, you can see, edit and create Templates to suit you.

    Keep in mind that if you navigate away from the Job creation process midway through you will lose your content.

  4. How many questions can I ask?
    The maximum amount of questions that you can ask on our platform is 10, but we wouldn't normally recommend more than 5 questions for optimum interviewee experience. However, If you're looking to use video to replace other parts of the interviewing process, we have seen up to 10 questions receive a response rate of over 60%, so trust yourself to know your interviewees best!

    You can always edit your Job later if you aren't finding the response rate you expected.

  5. I can't get my Intro Video to work, an error is appearing.
    If you're sharing a video from YouTube, make sure you select the SHARE button beneath the video to obtain the sharelink. Ensure you tick the checkbox if you'd like the video to begin midway through, then copy the link.

    Keep any videos uploaded from your computer below the 10 minute mark. We'd recommend 1-3 minutes to maximize interviewee engagement.

    If you're typing out a link please be careful! Test it out in your browser before you pop it into your Job.

  6. Do I have to send out invites immediately?
    No, you can continue through and complete the Job creation process without inviting any candidates. You can send out new invites right up until the Deadline Date (or indefinitely if you haven't set a Deadline Date at all).

  7. I'd like to go back and make a change, can I edit my Job?
    Yes you can! While signed into your account, click back into the Jobs section then onto the name of the. Click the Edit button and then select Edit Job from the options. Make your amendments then save the changes.

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