Getting ready for your interview? We've written up some key steps for a smooth ride!
Want to see it for yourself? Check out our video tutorial!

Step 1: Opening the video link

We recommend using Chrome or Firefox in an incognito window. If you are using IE or Safari you will need to have the latest version of flash installed.

Step 2: Allow Camera and Microphone access

You can allow your camera and microphone access by clicking on the top corner of the screen on the camera icon in the taskbar. Here is a detailed article on allowing camera access from different browsers.

Step 3: Recording your video
Some companies will might allow Practice Questions before your interview begins. In this case, you will see an option to "Let Me Practice First" where you will be able to record yourself answering a couple of practice questions. These do not get submitted to your company, they are just there for you to get comfortable before the real interview begins. This is an option for some interviews and will depend on what your hiring company chooses.

Also depending on your hiring company's decision, you may be able to retake questions during your interview. This depends on what they have decided. If you are able to retake, you will see a retake button at the end of your video and will be able to rerecord and select the video you wish to submit.

Some companies choose to have the interview questions "Open" - meaning you will have time to read the question and start recording on your own time. Other companies may choose to have the questions "Closed". In this case, you will see the question and have 30 seconds before the recording begins automatically. This option depends on your hiring company and you will notice the question type (Open/Closed) once you begin your interview.

After submitting each questions, you will not be able to go back and review your interview questions.

Step 4: Submitting your interview

At the end of your video you will see a "Finish" button.

After clicking Finish, your video will be submitted. This may take a few minutes, so please be patient and wait for the page to load. You will see a message that says "your application has been successfully submitted".

Step 5: Confirmation email

You should also receive a confirmation email from myInterview that states you have completed your interview successfully.

Best of luck! :)

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