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Managing your user profile and company preferences
Managing your user profile and company preferences

Changing your company name, logo, language and more

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In the User Profile tab, the client can make changes to the following:

  • Write down or change their full Name and Surname

  • Add a profile picture or change the current one

  • Send a Link to Reset their current password

From the Company tab, the user can initiate the following changes:

  • Replace their Company Name on the account they’re using

  • Depending on which plan they’re on, the user may change the Language of their account, selecting from a variety of languages including English, French, German, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese.

  • Copy their Company APIKey if needed

  • Input the URL of their Terms & Conditions

  • Input the URL of their Privacy Policy

Following the Company tab comes our treasured “Branding” section which allows the client to share a bit of their Company story and enhance the candidate’s experience! They can make the following changes:

  • Add or Change their Brand Name

  • Display their Company Logo

  • Choose their very own, authentic Brand Color

  • Upload a Background Image (keep in mind that the maximum size of the image should be 2MB)

  • Upload their distinctive “Welcome Video” to entice the candidates even further

  • Jot down their very own “Thank You Message”

  • Kindly note that any changes made in this section will reflect upon all Future Jobs and not the already Active ones.

The “Notifications” section is up next and here you can change the notifications that you receive on your email for a designated Job (Please note that you need to Follow the Job you wish to receive notifications for by clicking on the Job > Following) You can receive notifications for the following actions:

  • When a New Job is created

  • When an already Active job is Archived

  • When the deadline for your Job has Expired

  • When a Candidate completes their interview

  • When a certain Job has been Edited

  • When a job has been Reviewed

  • Finally, receive a notification whether a Candidate's Email has Bounced

Subsequent to the “Notifications” is the “Scheduling” tab which allows the users to schedule their very own live interview with a candidate that meets the eye for a certain position. The Live Scheduling can be done only if the candidate has completed their interview. The user will have 3 conferencing options to select from when arranging their Live Interview: Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

The “Users” tab is upcoming where you can adjust the permissions for other users on your account in 3 steps, assign them to other Groups if you have Roles & Permissions enabled, or delete a user entirely from your account.

Overall, 3 permissions may be set to any of your added users:

  • Admin Status - user has full account authority. They can invite other users, edit the account settings, and create Jobs.

  • Edit and Review - users can create and edit interviews + invite candidates but cannot access account settings or add other users.

  • Review Only - users can view, comment, and rate interviews but cannot create or edit Jobs.

  • Kindly note that you will receive an “Invite Not Sent” error message if the user already exists in our database within a different account

Lastly comes the “Groups'' tab and for the Super Admins only, the “Roles & Permissions'' tab. Here, you can manage users to be within your existing Groups or add new ones so that you can organize users to be able to view and edit specific Jobs that they’re intended for. As for the Roles & Permissions, the Super Admin can customize their preferences for certain users in an even more detailed fashion, or just go by the default roles/permissions available: Admin, Edit & Review, and Review Only.

To add or remove SuperAdmin permissions, kindly reach out to the support team to assist in your request!

Chat with the sales or success team to unlock enhanced branding features!

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