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myInterview + Linkedin

How to use myInterview and Linkedin to streamline your hiring process

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What is myInterview?

myInterview is a one-way video interview platform that allows candidates to answer pre-defined interview questions in the initial screening stages - often in place of the traditional phone interview. The recruiter sends a link with a flow of questions creating a sequence of video snippets that form a video introduction The recruiter reviews the videos, shortlisting candidates and engaging hiring managers earlier in the process.

Why Linkedin?

Linkedin has over 690 million active users, with 90% of them open to a new job. It’s therefore an amazing platform for posting jobs and receiving quality candidates. Plus it’s free for most users so you have nothing to lose.

About this Article

We will cover off adding myInterview to your LinkedIn job posting to attract and hire top talent:

  1. Post a job on Linkedin

  2. Add myInterview to your Linkedin job post

  3. Receive Candidate responses

How does it work?

1. Post your job on LinkedInHead here and start creating your new job posting. The process is quick and easy, plus most of the questions you will already have answers to:

2. Add the myInterview Direct Link to your Linkedin job post

If you're new to myInterview check out this Article on creating a job

Copy the Direct Link for the job you would like to invite people to apply for

Choose External Website and then paste the link copied the myInterview Job into the website address field.

Then click post job for free and your job will shortly go live on LinkedIn. You can then share the job with your network and candidates will begin to apply using myInterview.

Pro tips: You should always use 'Apply' and not 'Easy Apply'.

You will see each candidate who clicked 'Apply' within the Linkedin job post so you will have full visibility, even if the candidate did not complete their myInterview interview.

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