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How to invite candidates via email, direct link or bulk uploads!

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You can invite candidates while you're creating a job or after the job is created - you can always go back and invite more candidates!

At the end of creating a job, you will see 3 options for inviting candidates: individual or bulk email invites and a direct link.

To invite more candidates to an existing Job, go into the Job > Invite.

Individual Email Invites:

This is the best option if you are looking to invite a small number of candidates.

Fill in the Name, Email and Phone Number (optional) of your candidate.

If you add in a phone number, your candidates will receive an SMS invitation with a link to the job interview, as well as an email invite. To edit the SMS text, click on SMS on the bottom left.

Just fill in the name/surname and email address of the candidate and you're all set to invite more candidates and the red (X) on the right to delete a candidate.

Deadline: You can select a deadline if you'd like the interview to expire for the candidate on a specific date. If you don't select a deadline, the link will be valid as long as your Job is Active on your dashboard. More info on deadlines here.

โ€‹Email: Under Email, you can edit the text of the email that gets sent to your candidates. You can select from autofill options such as [firstname], [sender] and [jobtitle] to be autofilled into the text. You can pull up email templates to save time.

Reminders: You can set reminders to send out to your candidates so that they don't forget! An email reminder will be sent with the text you choose to include either X amount of days since the initial invite or X amount of days before the deadline.

Bulk Upload - Uploading CSV or Excel File

You can invite up to 200 candidates in one go using Bulk Uploads!

1) Download the template shown on the page under "template here".
Then fill in the candidates' info by first name, last name, email and phone number. Once you've saved this CSV/Excel file, you can upload it by drag-and-drop or "Browse Files" option.
*If the phone number column is filled in, an SMS will be sent out to candidates with their interview link along with an Email Invite.

Direct Link

Direct Link is a great option for inviting candidates from any platform such as your own website, email or chat. Go into Direct Link under Invite and hit "Copy Link". Now the link will be copied onto your computer and you can paste it anywhere you'd like!

You can set a deadline for the direct link as well. Setting a deadline will cause the Job to expire to candidates on the date you've selected.

Have any questions? Have an interesting invitation idea? Feel free to contact us!

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