Making first contact with a candidate is critical. The myInterview team understands this, and we have provided you with the tools to make sure it's done right. This article will cover how to invite candidates to complete interviews.

🎈NEW FEATURE🎈 The myInterview team is happy to announce that we have introduced SMS invitations to our platform!  When you add a candidates phone number, they will now not only receive an invite via email, but also an SMS message informing them of their new invitation. Your success is important to us, and with this addition you will reach candidates no matter where they are in the world on their mobile device!

You can use any of the methods below directly after creating a job or by visiting the “Invitations” tab.

Inviting Candidates - Individual add-in

This is the best option if you are looking to invite a small number of candidates. Simply click the 'Add Candidate' option, then add the email address and full name (and optionally phone number) for each candidate into the respective fields as shown below. Repeat this for each additional candidate.

Inviting Candidates - Bulk add-in (Upload CSV)

If you're looking to invite a number of candidates and are able to store/export them into an Excel document, our bulk uploader will save you time. Our platform will take the information from the CSV to invite the candidates all at once, meaning less work for you and more success for us all.

To download a copy of the CSV template with the correct format, click the 'this template' hyperlink. Simply paste the required candidate information into each row, matching up their details with the columns, then upload the CSV through drag-and-drop or the 'Browse Files' option. With the addition of our new SMS invitations you can now add a fourth column for candidates phone numbers, titled “phone”.

Inviting Candidates - Direct Link

Using the direct link allows you to put the invitation into any direct messaging system - such as into an email template set up in your ATS/CRM. This method is simple and effective, allowing you to invite the candidates with the content that you have customised, and from an email address you have chosen. We have seen companies send links through emails, text messages, and even workplace messaging systems. Use it whichever way suits you best!

Have any questions? Have an interesting invitation idea? Feel free to contact us!

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